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New Hampshire Educational Technology at the New Hampshire Department of Education has partnered with the nonprofit Generation YES to help develop a statewide initiative to provide an exciting research-based model engages students in supporting technology integration and use in our schools.

Generation YES founder, Dr. Dennis Harper, is widely recognized as one of the world’s eminent leaders in the field of technology in education. Dr. Harper has been responsible for bringing computers and the Internet into thousands of schools in more than 30 countries. He is the founder of the student-centered Generation YES model where youth aged from 10 to 18 provide substantial technology integration support. Dr. Harper has received numerous accolades including District Administration’s Educator of the Year, Converge Magazines’s Shaper of Our future, and in 2010 was recognized by Tech & Learning Magazine as one of the three most influential technology educators over the past 30 years.

Get Help
The NH-based nonprofit National Collaborative for Digital Equity i(NCDE, www.DigitalEquity.us) is proud to partner with both the NH Department of Education, GenYes and interested school and community leaders to assist with formation of additional GenYes chapters across New Hampshire. NCDE was instrumental in helping NH launch its statewide network of GenYes chapters and is now doing so also in Maryland, Virginia and elsewhere. We can provide free advice about funding sources, the great resources available to help you get started, and different ways in which you can organize your local chapter (e.g., as an in-school program, an after-school club, or located in a Boys & Girls Club or other interested community organization). For more information, please contact librarian@digitalequity.us or call at 1.866.922.8750.

Gen YES students

Download the Gen YES New Hampshire Brochure.

Download the Gen YES General Information Brochure.

Download the What do you get with the Gen YES program? to see what your school can get.

Download the Gen YES Informational Flyer for Parents wanting to know what the program entails for their children.

Visit the Gen YES website to learn more about the program and access resources.


Generation YES and New Hampshire Education Technology Launch Gen YES New Hampshire
Youth! Educators! Succeeding!

New Hampshire Educational Technology at the New Hampshire Department of Education is partnering with the nonprofit organization, Generation YES to organize a statewide initiative to promote, train, and fund GenYES chapters in interested NH Schools.Dr. Dennis Harper, founder of Generation YES, lead an initial NH Consortium workshop thatgave practical guidance on how to systematically prepare schools and teams of Student Technology Leaders (STLs) in grades 3-12 in how to assist teachers and IT staff as they integrate technology to improve student learning. The Gen YES organization is based on 21 years of research and provides an up to date online curriculum and resources to NH Gen YES Chapter schools through the statewide consortium. Implementation strategies and the role of school and district administrators are also important considerations.

Become a Generation YES New Hampshire Chapter
Technology Assistance! Student Leadership! Return on Investment!

Through the New Hampshire Gen YES Consortium, NH schools can take advantage of Gen YES New Hampshire Consortium pricing for Gen YES Chapter organization and establishment. The NH consortium rate for Gen YES Chapter membership and organization will be $2,975.00 per school for the first year, and $500.00 per school for every year the program continues. Further discounts are available for districts starting chapters at multiple schools within the district. Contact Gen YES for more details. The cost for membership includes the initial training faculty and students will receive in order to develop and establish a successful Gen YES chapter in their school. The subsequent annual fee helps defray the cost of updating and maintaining the training materials and online record keeping that is provided to each Gen YES Chapter school as part of the Gen YES membership.

Return on Investment for Gen YES Schools
Additional Professional Development! Increased Student Engagement! Improved Technology Support!

The Generation YES program is making a difference in New Hampshire schools. Students are receiving a rigorous, competency based, and personalized program and developing their ICT Literacy skills, along with leadership, collaboration, and other soft skills that students need to succeed and achieve. New Hampshire schools with Gen YES Chapters are seeing a great return on investment. Scroll down to see a sample of the many Technology Assistance Projects students in our New Hampshire Gen YES chapter schools are accomplishing.

*Values for dollars saved are calculated by the national value of volunteer time, set at $24.14 per hour, times the hours of work that students have provided. The value of volunteer time is based on the hourly earnings (approximated from yearly values) of all production and non-supervisory workers on private non-farm payrolls average (based on yearly earnings provided by the Bureau of Labor Statistics) for the national average. You can read more on www.independentsector.org/volunteer_time.

Program Overview

Gen YES studentsGen YES students

GenYES New Hampshire is a program where teams of 15-30 students in an elementary, middle, or high school are prepared to support both technology integration and infrastructure support. The GenYES NH program is a creative approach to make lasting and transformative improvements in teaching and learning. GenYES has been implemented in more than 2,100 schools throughout the U.S. and has been transforming students’ lives for more than 20 years.

schools all over new hampshire are interested in Generation YES
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Meeting Schools' Technology Needs

Teacher Technology Support
Teachers are overwhelmed by the amount of work assigned to them. The amount of technology continues to grow and there is insufficient support for teachers to learn how to integrate these tools.

IT Technology Support
IT staff members need assistance to ensure that all of their school's tech infrastructure is operational.

Digital Equity
New Hampshire is seriously addressing the needs underserved rural, females, and minority students. ICT workers are predominantly white males and other students need rigorous technology courses to close this gap.

Technology Experience
Students need the opportunity to work in ICT workplaces.

What Teachers are Saying About Gen YES Programs
“We just concluded our last teacher workshop with the students and the feedback from the teachers supports GenYES research- what teachers liked MOST about the workshops were working with the GenYES students! They want the students to continue their learning in instructional design to support teachers in the future, so I have a direction for next year.” Janna Elfrink, Reeds Spring High School

“Kids know a lot, and GenYES is an excellent leadership opportunity for them that builds confidence. Even quiet or shy kids can be leaders.” Joanella Mendoza, Madison Park Academy K-5

“GenYES is a win, win, win. IT Departments get less on their plate. Staff get things fixed. Students feel valued and empowered.” David Berg, Big Picture School

“Student Tech Leaders have helped me become a better teacher. Recently, I had a student record one of my classes for PD. It was a huge help, I learned so much.” Megan McKenna, Park City High School



Participating Schools

New Hampshire Participating Schools
Join the New Hampshire Gen YES Consortium of schools and take advantage of NH Gen YES consortium pricing for Gen YES Chapter organization and establishment. Contact Gen YES for details. The $2975 Chapter startup fee includes the initial training for both faculty and students in order to help schools develop and establish a successful Gen YES chapter in their school. The annual fee for continued service for your school will be $500. Join the growing list of New Hampshire schools with Gen YES chapters.


Get Started

Get More Information
The first step in establishing a GenYES program in your school is to contact Generation YES. Send an email to support@genyes.org, or call toll-free at 1-888-941-4369. Our office hours are 12:00 PM to 8:00 PM EST. We’d be happy to answer any specific questions you may have and can send you additional materials or quotes.

Contact Generation YES
Contact Generation YES with any questions about the Gen YES program. Join other New Hampshire schools that are planning to make GenYES happen in their schools.

  • Generation YES Contact: Dennis Harper
  • Telephone: (888) 941-4369
  • Email: dennis@genyes.org
  • Address: 2584 RW Johnson Blvd SW, Olympia, WA 9851
  • Website: GenYES.org

Contact NH Office of Educational Technology
For more information on the New Hampshire Initiative, contact the Office of Educational Technology at the NH Department of Education. Join other NH Schools looking for the opportunity to bring hands on tech support and skills to their students, faculty, staff, and school community.



Last updated July 8, 2021