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Smarter Balanced Assessment Consortium
New Hampshire is a governing member of the Smarter Balanced Assessment Consortium. The SBAC is guided by the belief that a high-quality assessment system can provide information and tools for teachers and schools to improve instruction that is aligned with the Common Core State Standards in ELA/literacy and mathematics.

Notes from the Field Test

Smarter Balanced In the News

Keep up to date with the latest news about Smarter Balanced, online assessment, and all things related with this updated list of articles, press releases, and announcements regarding Smarter Balanced.

Smarter Balanced in the News


Smarter Balanced Digital Library

The Smarter Balanced Digital Library is now available to all New Hampshire educators as part of our membership in the Consortium. The new Digital Library is now accessible directly by teachers. The people at Smarter Balanced have captured all of the New Hampshire education domains, alopng with those within each of the consortium states, in order to allow for access to the Digital Library on demand. All teachers need to do is simply to click on the Smarter Balanced link to the digital library and put in their email and they will be able to set up their own accounts without having to go through anyone else, or do anyhthing else..

Smarter Balanced Assessment

School/District Test Coordinators

American Institutes of Research (AIR) is the NH vendor for the Smarter Balanced Assessments. AIR has opened a NH Test Portal. The Portal provides access to resources for the Smarter Balanced Assessments in Mathematics and English Language Arts/Literacy. AIR hosted trainings for district test coordinators. OPEN NH has a self paced online tutorial that district test coordinators can access. For more information, visit the sites below.

Educator Communications Toolkit!

Across America, teachers are helping students meet the high expectations of college- and career-ready standards. In the coming school year, new assessments aligned to the Common Core State Standards will give teachers new tools and better information to monitor student progress. This Communications Toolkit is intended to assist educators in communicating about the Smarter Balanced Assessment System.

Help for NH Test Coordinators

Information on the New Hampshire TIDE system and Assessment Portal is available through phone and email from AIR. Information is available on the Contact Us page on the NH Assessment Portal.

  • 1.844.202.7584
  • nhhelpdesk at air.org

Information on registering and processing New Hampshire students into the TIDE system is available through email to NH DOE and through FAQ.

The NH Smarter Balanced Assessment
Updates and Information

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General Information

View the Presentation on VoiceThread
Download the Presentation (pdf)

Training Test and Practice Test Update
January 14, 2014

View this presentation on OPEN NH SlideShare.

resources and information supporting the smarter balanced online assessments
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For Educators

Lessons and Curriculum Planning
There are a variety of resources available for creating, sharing lessons and curriculum aligned to the COmmon Core State Standards.

Downloadable Documents and Information

English Language Arts Timing Chart

Mathematics Timing Chart

Training Test Release Information

Test Admininstration Updates - K-12 Leads Meeting

Training Modules Available for Field Test

Scribing Protocol for Smarter Balanced Assessments

Usability, Accessibility, and Accommodations Implementation Guide

Educator Communications Toolkit

Practice and Pilot Tests
The Smarter Balanced Practice Tests provide an early look at sets of assessment questions aligned to the Common Core for grades 38 and 11 in both English language arts/literacy and mathematics. The release of the Practice Tests follows the Smarter Balanced Pilot Test, the first large-scale tryout of items and performance tasks, conducted February May 2013.

Schools should plan for approximately three hours of testing, per grade per content area. Scientifically selected schools will be requested to administer the Pilot Test in no more than two grades. Released test items will be available for the other grades and content areas.

Accessibility and Accommodations Information
The Smarter Balanced Tests will offer a menu of accessibility and accommodation (A&A) options for students with special needs. The development of a full array of A&A features for the Smarter Balanced assessments is an ongoing project, and the options available for the Pilot Test represent a subset of those that will be available for the Field Test and Operational assessments. Questions regarding Accessibility and Accommodations for Students should be directly to the Smarter Balanced Helpdesk via phone or email.

Information and Notices
Information about the work of the SBAC and the efforts to help prepare for online assessments coming in 2014-2015 are sent out on the ET News listserv. They are also posted in the New Hampshrie Group site on Assess4Ed.net.



For Parents

Downloadable Documents and Information

Smarter Balanced Assessment - Frequently Asked Questions

Statewide Assessment and Student Participation - Technical Advisory

NH Privacy of Student Records - Frequently Asked Questions

NH Statewide Assessment - Frequently Asked Questions for Parents

Technical Requirements for Participation Online test delivery system will work on a variety of hardware/operating system configurations. Accommodations and Testing Features Some of the most common online accommodations and testing features will be available for the Pilot. The accommodations on the Pilot assessment will not be representative of the full array of accommodations and testing features that will ultimately be available.

  • Online training test available: Mid-January 2013
  • SBAC Pilot Test window: February 20 May 10,2013
  • Pilot Testing information packets were sent to the Scientifically Selected Schools in January
  • Smarter Balanced Assessment on the DOE website



Field Test Information

Field Test Important Reminders
Smarter Balanced set up a site for resources and documentation involving the Field Test. Visit the site for information and training for field testing.

Field Test Coordinators
Please review the Test Information Distribution System (TIDE) User Guide in its entirety and follow the steps for assigning authorized users within your district as appropriate. Access to the TIDE System Log-in, the TIDE User Guide, Field Test Administration Manual, Training Modules, and other resources are available through the Smarter Balanced Field Test Portal. Questions regarding the TIDE system should be directed to the Smarter Balanced HelpDesk by e-mail or phone.

  • Field Test Portal
  • Smarter Balanced HelpDesk
    • smarterbalancedhelpdesk at ets.org
    • 1.855.833.1969

Creating and Uploading Student Data Files
Specific instructions for creating and uploading the student data file begin on Page 37 of the TIDE Users Guide. In accordance with federal and state statutes pertaining to the protection of student identifiable data, specific student data cannot be uploaded into the TIDE system. The following student data fields in the student data file must be left blank:

  • student name (Columns D, E, F)
  • student date of birth (Column G)
  • (SASID) State-Assigned Student ID

As the SASID ID cannot be used, districts must generate and assign a unique SBAC ID code for each student and enter this code in Column H. (Note: For your records, be sure to have a way within the district to match the SASID with the new SBAC code so to accurately identify each student).

For more information on generating a unique SBAC ID, please see below.

  • Information coming soon

Technology Readiness Tool
In order to check whether your school has sufficient technology requirements for testing, Smarter Balanced initiated a free Technology Readiness Tool which was designed to help your school evaluate your readiness for the online assessments. Participating schools were able to determine their level of readiness and make plans to improve areas in which they were less ready.

Note: The Technology Readiness Tool is now closed.




Last updated December 13, 2016