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New Hampshire Thinkfinity State Partnership

The Office of Educational Technology at the New Hampshire Department of Education is happy to continue the Thinkfinity State Education Partnership in order to provide information, resources, and professional development from the Thinkfinity Program to educators throughout the state of New Hampshire. The state partnership program will run through the New Hampshire e-Learning for Educators Program. Read more -->
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What is Thinkfinity?

Thinkfinity is the cornerstone of Verizon Foundation's Literacy, Education and Technology initiatives. This free, comprehensive digital learning platform is built upon the merger of two highly-acclaimed programs well-known to educators Verizon MarcoPolo and the Thinkfinity Literacy Network. Thinkfinity is designed to improve learning in traditional settings and beyond the classroom by providing high-caliber content and professional development needed to improve student achievement anytime, anywhere, at no cost. The Thinkfinity.org comprehensive website contains thousands of educational resources, including standards-based, grade-specific, K-12 lesson plans, student interactive tools, and reference materials, all searchable by content area, grade level, standards, or partner organization. Read more -->

Educational Resources

All of Thinkfinity.org's 55,000 standards-based K-12 lesson plans, student materials, interactive tools and reference materials are reviewed by the nation's leading education organizations to ensure that content is accurate, up-to-date, unbiased and appropriate for students.

At Thinkfinity.org, you'll find primary source materials, interactive student resources and grade-specific research lists to help you tailor materials to meet your needs. Start exploring now!

Thinkfinity has developed a powerful search engine that allows educators to search Thinkfinity content based using a variety of factors, such as grade level, discipline, standards, and key word.


Professional Development

A comprehensive professional development program prepares educators to incorporate Thinkfinity's rich resources into their instructional settings for maximum impact. In New Hampshire, we will integrate Thinkfinity professional development into our NH e-Learning for Educators program, which offers online professional development courses for our NH educators through OPEN NH project (www.opennh.org). OPEN NH online facilitators and other interested NH educators will become Thinkfinity field trainers and will be available to deliver training and professional development in the use of the free Thinkfinity resources across the state. If you are interested in becoming a New Hampshire Thinkfinity field trainer, please contact the NH Thinkfinity Training Coordinator at the Office of Educational Technology. Thinkifinity also offers free onine webinars and online Thinkfinity training. Read more -->

Our Vision for the Future

Thinkfinity, our Thinkfinity content partners, and the Verizon Foundation are excited about using emerging technologies and communication tools to provide universal access to Thinkfinity.org and all the learning opportunities and resources accessible on the site. We continue to develop and increase our collection of high-quality, educational and literacy resources and to evolve our robust professional development program. Read more -->

NH Thinkfinity Training Opportunities

Contact NH Training Coordinator to find out more.


National Content Partners

ARTSEDGE focuses on The Arts with The John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts.

EconEdLink provides content in Economics in concert with the National Council on Economic Education.

EDSITEment is presented by the National Endowment for the Humanities. EDSITEment focuses on The Humanities.

Illuminations provides standards-based Mathematics resources developed by the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics.

Developed by the International Reading Association and The National Council of Teachers of English, ReadWriteThink provides resources and best practices for educators in both reading and language arts subject areas.

Science NetLinks offers Science content in partnership with the American Association for the Advancement of Science.

Designed and developed by the Smithsonian National Museum of American History, the Smithsonian's History Explorer is your gateway to innovative, standards-based online resources for teaching and learning American history including artifacts, primary sources, and online tools for the classroom, afterschool programs, and home.

Xpeditions explores Geography in partnership with the National Geographic Society.

        Last update: December 16, 2009