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Teacher Enhancement Training
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Teaching Enhancement

NH e-Learning for Educators offers online courses that enhance and extend your teaching experience. While these courses are designed for potential NH e-Learning for Educators instructors and developers, they will provide you with opportunities to learn the basic principles of online facilitation and course development. The principles necessary for effective online teaching will also enhance your face to face teaching practices. Effective practices for online course development will enhance your ability to design blended learning instructional activities for your students. After taking one of these courses, you may request to become on OPEN NH online course facilitator or developer, should you so choose.

Courses and Descriptions


TE-01 Facilitating an OPEN NH Online Professional Development Course

This course is designed for educators with some online course experience who have a strong desire to facilitate online professional development courses with OPEN NH. Already trained OPEN NH facilitators as well as those with strong desire or other online experiences will update and enhance your skills and knowledge about how to effectively facilitate an online professional development course specifically for the OPEN NH program. This course will cover requirements necessary to facilitate, complete and submit paperwork pertinent to the facilitator and course participants. In addition to these topics, the course will also provide a refresher "how to" in the Moodle course delivery system, as well as look at some Web 2.0 tools that are useful for 21st Century course facilitators.
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TE-02 Developing Effective Courses for Online and Blended Learning

The purpose of this course is to provide educators with the basic knowledge and skills necessary to design online and blended learning experiences for students. These skills are also important for those who want to expand or move their courses or content to the online environment. Online learning is similar in many ways to traditional face to face learning, yet there are some important differences that must be recognized and understood before effective online content can be delivered. Throughout the course, you will explore elements of instructional design and best practices for the development of online learning experiences. You will explore several key elements of online learning that differentiate traditional and online instruction, such as discussion forums, web tools, and multimedia resources. As a final project, you will develop an online unit that you can use with your students in either an online or blended learning experience.
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These courses are not part of the OPEN NH regular session professional development offerings. They are run separately, normally concurrent with the Summer Session. Districts may request cohorts be delivered at a time of their choosing.


Teaching Enhancement Courses in Development

TE-03 To Be Named

Description Coming soon.
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online professional development to meet your needs
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About Teaching Enhancement

NH e-Learning for Educators
Part of the original goals of the e-Learning for Educators Initiative was to build capacity within each state for the development and delivery of online teaching and learning. New Hampshire e-Learning for Educators provides opportunities for enhancement of your teaching practice by offering additional training in online facilitation and course development that will broaden your teaching skills and professional practices. These courses are offered at times other than regularly scheduled OPEN NH sessions.

Facilitator Training
Our online training course will prepare you with the skill necessary to delivery an online professional development course. The OPEN NH program will be highlighted, but general skills and best practices in facilitation will be the main focus of the course. Successful completion of this course will provide you with the skills necessary to facilitate OPEN NH professional development courses, should you desire to do so. However, they will also enhance your ability to provide instruction in both the face to face and online environments.

Developer Training
After completing all the readings and assignments in the unit, click on the Unit Assessments link in the Unit Content section and follow the instructions for taking the assessment to complete the unit. When you have completed all the units and submitted all the assessments, don't forget to submit a Tutorial Completion notice.



Training Qualifications

Consider Taking a Course
Here are some reasons to consider becoming a facilitator or developer with NH e-Learning for Educators:

  • You'll become part of a NH network, providing quality online professional development to NH teachers.
  • You'll learn facilitation techniques that will enhance your own teaching experiences. You'll earn a stipend up to $1,500 for each course taught (based on enrollment of over 16 learners, actual stipend depends on enrollment numbers).
  • There is graduate credit available for completing the facilitator course.

Online Facilitator Training
If you meet these qualifications, you can become a NH e-Learning for Educators online facilitator.

  • You have previous experience in online education, preferably through OPEN NH courses.
  • You have a Masters degree. You have expertise in a specific educational content area.
  • You are interested in being part of an ongoing learning community that provides high quality online professional development to New Hampshire educators.
  • You are experienced and comfortable with using technology.
  • You believe in online education and the mission of NH e-Learning for Educators.

Online Developer Training
If you meet these qualifications, you can become a NH e-Learning for Educators online course developer.

  • You are interested in online education and seek training in online course development.
  • You are interested in creating high quality professional development opportunities for NH educators.
  • You have expertise in a specific educational content area or discipline.
  • You have previous experience with online courses, preferably through OPEN NH.
  • You are experienced and comfortable using technology.
  • You are interested in being part of an ongoing learning community that provides high quality online professional development to New Hampshire educators.




Taking a Course
Currently the Teaching Enhancement courses are offered in a separate session, once per year. The session normally coincides with the OPEN NH Summer Session, but may not be offered every year. Courses are also available to districts as special request courses, and would fall under the cohort deal for teaching enhancement instructror and developer training courses. Individual course registration fee is $325.

District Cohorts
Districts wanting to offer this tutorial to multiple teachers in its school can avoid individual online registration process and submit a district cohort registration form. Your district will be invoiced for the total number of seats on the registration form. Cohort training can be delivered at a time of the cohort's choosing. Districts can register a cohort of 15 teachers for $4500 ($300/teacher).

Download District Cohort Registration Form.
Contact the NH e-Learning for Educators Project Coordinator for more information or details.

Online registration is not available for cohort groups.



Last updated August 15, 2018