Importance of Digital Learning Plans

Formerly known as District Technology Plans, Digital Learning Plans broaden the Tech Plan to include the digital tools and resources students and teachers will use, with district support, to enable exciting and engaging teaching and learning. This toolkit offers a recommended outline for district technology, or digital learning, committees to use as they create, implement, and update their school or district technology/digital learning plans. New Hampshire Educational Technology at the New Hampshire Department of Education strongly encourages the development of district digital learning plans that focus and prioritize the digital tools, resources, and infrastructure necessary to promote teaching, learning, assessing and creating powered with technology.

This toolkit represents a work-in-progress that is meant as a resource to provide guidance, information, and support for schools and districts as they develop and improve their K-12 learning programs. Digital Learning continues to be a living and evolving process in our schools, but remains extremely important to ensure that our students have the digital skills necessary for students to be ready for future college or career.

The information within this toolkit was gathered over the past few years from national, regional, and local sources. Use the menu to browse through the sections and get acquainted with what this toolkit has to offer.