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Instructional Leadership Resources

NHSALT has emphasized the importance of balanced leadership perspectives. The project has attempted to slightly swing the pendulum away from the management side of school administration and to focus the direction of superintendents and principals toward instructional leadership. The Education Department Center (EDC) and the Center for Leadership and Learning Communities (CLLC) have developed a virtual resource library with many articles about leadership and policy development. Some of the resources require user registration but they do have a strong policy about privacy. There is a great deal of information to be explored. Some of the documents may soon be showing up in one of our cohort sessions.

To investigate these resources, type the following URL into your favorite browser: http://cllc.edc.org/rl/

If you find compelling information to share or other useful websites, please discuss them at your cohort or email us.

NH Principal-in-Residence

Since the July training sessions, our NH-SALT Principal in Residence, Jeff Spiegel, has clocked over 10,000 miles streaming across New Hampshire. To date, he has visited 45 schools at least once and met with nine superintendents and two assistant superintendents. The project themes of instructional leadership, technology and change have been the primary focus of his discussions with principals and presentations to faculties, superintendents and cohorts.

Thus far, Jeff has consulted with two districts about curriculum mapping and ways to integrate assessment outcomes. He has also provided information to principals regarding Wiggins’ and McTigue’s instructional design and backwards planning process, performance-based assessment, thinking maps and higher order thinking skills. Jeff has presented the LoTI to several faculties and is scheduled for more this spring. He and Dan Cherry will be working with students in grades 1-6 to demonstrate the use of technology for higher order thinking skill development. If you would like to host the “Dan and Jeff show” to provide a LoTI presentation or information about instructional design for your faculty, please contact them.

Themes of the ISLLC Standards
  • Building and Articulating a Vision
  • Administrator as Instructional Leader
  • Building a Safe, Efficient and Effective Learning Environment
  • Community Relationships Resources
  • Ethics and Fairness
  • Political, Social, Economic & Cultural Leadership




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