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NHDOE Office of Educational Technology

Explore NHEON to find . . .

* NH Frameworks *

        with links to hundreds of resources tied to curriculum frameworks . . .

        great Internet content for the classroom from MarcoPolo and their high quality content partners

        NH curriculum frameworks organized into a color coded table

        Ability to browse and search for lessons aligned to one or several curriculum standards at a time


* Professional Development *

        programs for educators to enhance their teaching with technology, like these and much more:

NH Local Educational Support Centers Network located online and near your school

Project ACROSS helping career changers to become teachers

A project to prepare New Teachers to use technology

        the LoTI teacher survey tool to self-assess your current level of technology implementation into classroom practice

        an online professional development calendar with school, district, SAU, and statewide opportunities tied to your personalized online planner

Promising Practices Guide

        links to examples of promising practices across the state and nation

NH Affiliate of the Apple Learning Interchange

And much more when you visit NH Educators Online!













NHEON is a collaborative project between the New Hampshire Department of Education and educators all across the state.

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